A good sleeping pillow must give you good support and be washable to prevent disease
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Travel Sleeping Pillows Prevent Neck Strain and Illness

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Travel Sleeping Pillows

Being able to take your personal sized pillow with you when travelling is a comfort your neck and back will gladly thank you for. Your pillow can keep you well and protect you from bacteria present in most bed pillows. Ideally, your pillow should be lightweight and easily compress into a suitcase or carry-on. There are several types of travel sleeping pillows on the market, but it can be difficult to know how to choose the right one.

Choosing a Travel Sleeping Pillow

Here are some points to consider when shopping for a travel sleeping pillow:
  • Design. The pillow you choose should fit and support the natural neck curve and be sized to fit your body structure.  
  • Care. Travel sleeping pillows can become unclean quickly.  Buy a pillow that’s fully machine-washable and that can also be machine-dried. This will ensure that your pillow remains sanitary and free from allergens and dust mites.
  • Compact. Select a product that weighs less than a pound and that will compress easily into a suitcase.
  • Materials. Filling should be high-memory polyester fibres for maximum durability and resiliency. A natural fibre like cotton should be used for the cover.
Most of all, be sure that the travel sleeping pillow is the correct shape. Only a cylindrical sleeping pillow will fit and support the natural neck curve, aligning the vertebrae to allow neck and back muscles to relax.   By supporting the head and neck in alignment, vertebrae spaces are open; there is no nerve compression to cause pain.
When you travel with the right sleeping pillow, each day can be enjoyed, knowing neck and back muscle stress pain can be relieved or reduced at night with your personal sleeping pillow.  
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Sleeping Pillow

A Natural Solution for Good Sleep

Are you burdened with tension, headaches, neck/shoulder/back/pain, snoring or fibromyalgia? Or do you always wake up tired and stiff? Do you crave a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep?

Relief can be instant when you properly support and align your neck and back. The Align-Right sleeping pillow is proven to increase comfort, reduce tension and relax muscles because it is designed for your unique body shape and your predominant sleep position.

A custom fitted pillow will give you a restful, deep sleep experience so you can wake refreshed and feeling great!

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